The Cake & Cookie Closet
"Where We Teach You How to Dream in Sugar. Imagine where that will take you!" Start today with our tutorial below.
What's Your Specialty?

Cakes, Cookies or both?  

Are you tired of picking up the same looking buttercream or fondant covered cakes from your local grocery store for a special celebration?

Need to make decorated sugar cookies for a bake sale but want your cookies to stand out from everything else?

Don't have a lot of time to learn new techniques but want to make your cakes look like they came from a high end bakery?

Get ready to step up your cake decorating experience with quick and easy designs!

It's so easy that the first time you go through the book, you'll be planning time to bake so you can get started making your favorite cakes and cookies.  People are really excited about this book and they're spreading the word all across the world.

The number of cake and cookie designs featured are worth the price of admission.  The SPECIAL bonus included in your purchase is the key to the exclusive Supervip Cake & Cookie Closet group on Facebook.  This group will open the door to even more cake and cookie designs with no further cost to you.  That's my special GIFT to you for believing in me and going on this journey to building The Cake & Cookie Closet into the #1 cake and cookie instruction books in the world.

The cake and cookie designs and recipes featured in The Cake & Cookie Closet:  All Dolled Up in Sugar will do something NO OTHER cake or cookie decorating book has done.  It gives you ongoing support AND new cake and cookie designs for as long as I am living, breathing and decorating.  As the proud owner of a copy of my first book, you become a member in the greatest group in history -- The Supervip Cake & Cookie Closet

This is not like any other cake or cookie decorating book that you/ve seen before.  You will not get this book home, look at the pictures and then place on the shelf because the instructions are too hard to follow.  The tools utilized are simple, inexpensive and easy to find.  Create incredibly fabulous daisies the first time using a simple technique I'll show you that even some "celebrity" cake designers don't know about.

Check out the list of cake and cookie designs featured in this book.

Together, you and I become partners in your success.  I'll be your private instructor, and my students are my VIPs.  You deserve to be a cake or cookie designer and treated like a VIP when you show up at events because people can't wait to see what you're bringing to the party.  Think about how you will feel when you present your dessert to someone special.  The look of awe and amazement on their face will be priceless!  Then they taste your delicious cake or cookies, and it seals the deal.  You'll never be able to show up at that person's house again without a special treat.  They won't let you and will NEVER forget what you made for them.  I do it all the time.  This is why I wrote this book.  To share the designs and the stage with you. 

Share your talent with someone you love.  Make a doll cake, purse cake or miniature hat cupcakes for your favorite woman in their favorite color and cake flavor.  Don't be surprised if she doesn't want to eat it.  Take a picture of it for her and present it along with your gift.  It lasts longer and the memories will fill her heart forever.


Do you have someone in your circle who loves to show off their baking skills?  Feel like you cannot compete against them.  You can get proper respect from them when they see what's you've learned from this book.  Don't be surprised if they order their own copy too!

Like to try new recipes?  Try the lemon cake recipe, add some lemon pie filling out of the can between the layers, and then top it off with homemade buttercream frosting.  It will disappear quickly at any event and people will shower you with a lot of compliments.

Here's a secret just between us.  Check out the quick chocolate cake recipe, make 3-8" or 9" layers.  Spread the chocolate ganache over the tops of the cake after it has cooled and let the ganache set.  Go ahead and assemble the cake layers, slathering homemade chocolate buttercream frosting all over.  Refrigerate it if you're traveling and let it come to room temperature before serving.  It's a triple threat full of calories, but who's counting.  You'll enjoy how quickly it disappears and all of the requests for the recipe.  This one might even steal a man's heart!  It's that good.


Don't like the time or mess involved  in making royal icing-covered sugar cookies?  You'll fall in love with the ease of fondant to cover your homemade or store bought sugar cookies.  The kids will love to help you with your decorating!  

Can you press down like you're pressing a button?  It's that simple with easy to use tools that I feature in this book.  In a short period of time, you'll be a star.  With just a couple tools, you'll be in decorating heaven.  Practice makes perfect, and you can take a piece of fondant and practice the technique before you start working on your cookies.  

Want designer cookies?  You can make them yourself and share with those you love at special events and impress your guests.  No one will believe you made them yourself.