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List of Designs

Cake & Cookie Designs Featured


5 full size doll cake designs

5 miniature hat cupcakes

5 miniature doll cake designs

13 miniature hat cookie designs

3 dress cookie heart designs

2 pants cake designs

15 dress cookie designs

2 purse cake designs

12 shoe cookie designs

6 hobo purse cookie designs

4 chocolate shoe designs

6 handbag cookie designs

1 snow boot cake design

2 tiara cookie designs

1 leather boot cake design

2 diamond ring cookie designs

4 boot cookie designs


There are buttercream and fondant cake designs.  All of the cookies are decorated using either Fondarific ( or Satin Ice fondant.  Both taste great. 

Fondarific is delicious and comes in flavored colors.  They offer samples for you to try before buying.  It will be hard for you to decide.  There are so many possibilities. 

Satin Ice has a flavor that people like as well and can be bought in many cake decorating stores or online.  In addition to white, it comes in vibrant red, yellow, black, green, purple and pink.