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Imagine designing edible works of art that make your family and friends say WOW.

You can do it — I can help you!  Watching Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, and all those Food Network Challenges has probably made you realize that you can create smaller versions of treats for your family and friends.  That's where I come in.  My name is Debra Mosely, and I'm a cake and cookie decorator, designer and teacher, and I'm here and very happy to help you. 

Using The Cake & Cookie Closet:  All Dolled Up in Sugar, you'll learn how easy it is to create beautiful cake and cookie designs for the incredible women in your life.  Simple techniques get you in and out of the kitchen quickly because your time is valuable.  You'll learn how to make designer looking daisy flowers for your cakes, cupcakes or cookies.  Even better, there are a more designs in this book than some other cake and cookie decorating books.  Enough to keep you busy for a while.  Also, you'll learn to make designer doll cakes worthy of their own runway!   These doll cakes can be made in either full size or many smaller versions for your special little girl's princess party.  Little girls LOVE decorating their own cakes.  Doll picks can match their hair color to make them even more special.

You'll quickly gain fans for your cakes and cookies.  If you already have them, your status will be elevated to "Sugar Star."  Imagine how you'll feel when people tell you that they don't want to cut their treat — it's too pretty.  Or, better yet, every time you bring a dessert, it's devoured quickly and days later, you're still getting compliments.  This is what I go through now and want to share this experience with you by teaching you secrets of the trade.

The Cake & Cookie Closet:  All Dolled Up in Sugar features buttercream and fondant designs so you can choose which one you'll use.  Included are some of my favorite cake, frosting and cookie recipes.  I'll let you in on a secret — some of my friends ask me for leftover frosting — it's that good.

Check me out.  Do a Google search.  Take a look at the Facebook fan page to see more of my cake and cookie designs —  Once you take a look, come back and buy the book.  ;) 

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BONUS:  Purchase of this book gives you access to more simple wardrobe-inspired cakes and decorated sugar cookies as I create them.  This special access also allows you to email questions you may have as you embark on your sugar journey.