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Favorite Websites

Links to Some of My Favorite Websites: Good place for finding unusual recipes that have been tested by people like you who love to bake. Want to find out where all of the hottest spots are in your area?  Promote your business to thousands of other people looking to find you?  Network with other professionals online, listen to the weekly blog talk show, and when you join the online group, Ryan Hodge, the CEO, will spotlight you on the group's Facebook page.  This group is growing each day so check it out. Need ideas for cakes?  You'll be in heaven on this website.  Do a search and I'm sure you'll find hundreds of cakes to look at. Learn how to cook in an incredible environment with talented chefs on staff and guest chefs. When you want to make a GREAT impression.  This website has incredible custom cards and invitations you can send to those you love.  Charleta is amazing.  Send her an e-mail if you have any questions. My all-time favorite store for household products, and I love the coupons!  You can use up to 8 at a time.  Saves you a ton of money.  I purchased one of those chef's mats and can stand in the kitchen for hours! eBay has a great selection of silicone molds, cookie cutters and other cake decorating supplies. I absolutely love this fondant, and it's gluten free!!!  You could never tell.  Each color is a different flavor, and they will send you samples.  Please tell Lois and Laura that I sent you there. If you live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and need cake decorating supplies, call Sallee at 703-352-1471.  She can give you tons of advice. Alan and his wonderful crew come to my rescue when I need to order foreign cake decorating supplies.  They have an amazing supply of products to choose from and quick delivery. Great organization for people who love cake decorating.  They have an annual convention and a newsletter filled with recipes and pictures.  Check out their website.  They have links to other cake decorators and companies. Jules is my gluten free living hero.  She has the most amazing all purpose flour.  I love it and all of the recipes she shares.  Make sure you sign up for her newsletter.  It contains recipes. I'll need a bigger house if I purchase any more stuff from Michaels.  Great craft items.