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Cake Balls - The New Dessert Star

Cake balls are miniature pieces of heaven. They are the new dessert star.

Cake and Cookie Decorating For Women - The Time For Change is Now

Are you always looking through your cake and decorated sugar cookie decorating books to find new designs to use for the special women in your life? Are your books outdated and you find yourself spending more and more money just to find one or two designs you like in a book? I've got the solution.

11 Golden Rules For Cake Decorators

1. Decorate within your skill level. If you are a beginner, do not offer to make a wedding cake for a customer when you have no experience in that area.

Cupcakes - Designer Style

Cupcakes have taken over the world. Those little wonders have been re-created in hundreds of different flavor combinations and served in shops all across the United States. With cute wrappers and funny sounding names, they tempt you with their size and keep you coming back for their incredible taste and texture.

Quick and Easy Guide to Making Fondant-Covered Sugar Cookies

Want to learn to make simple and easy designer looking sugar cookies for an upcoming event? Here are some quick tips and easy to find tools to use.

Dessert Tables - Fashionista Style

Imagine walking into a room and seeing a dessert table beautifully draped in fabric and filled with all of your favorite wardrobe-inspired treats. It IS possible! Come dream in sugar with me.

Fondant and Candy Clay Differences

There are several differences between fondant and candy clay that are important to know before you start interchanging them in your cake and cookie designs. Fondant can be made at home using simple to make ingredients.

Miniature Hat Cupcakes - Think Upside Down

Learn to use your ice cream cupcake pan to make adorable hats that women will love. Let the movement begin.

Creating Designer Doll Cakes - Edible Centerpieces

Doll cakes are so powerful that if you spoke to women who had princess parties when they were young, they could give you details of their doll cake centerpiece. Here are simple techniques to follow to create your own doll cake centerpiece for your next event.

Pointers For Working With Candy Melts and Candy Molds

With all of the beautiful candy molds on the market, you can design some incredible treats to use for your parties or other celebrations. Here are some tips to use to make the experience a lot easier for you.

Move Over Wilton, Here Comes Duff

The bold-colored packaging lures you in with Goldman's signature mischievous look and folded arms. Chef Duff Goldman has arrived, and his line of new cake decorating products has sprung up on the shelves as exclusive products at your area Michael's stores. Fondant in vibrant colors, baking pans, cake mixes, frostings, paste colors, sprinkle, various tools and shape cutters are there to tempt you to learn how to decorate just like they do at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.

Cake Fillings - What You Need to Know Now That It's Warm

Have you ever been to an outside event where you saw a cake that looked beautiful at first glance but after sitting in the heat for a while, it started to seep and turned into a science project? What a waste of time and money. Someone may have chosen butter cream frosting or a filling they wanted instead of taking into account where the cake would be served and how long it would sit out before serving.

Debra Mosely, Basic Author