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About Debra

A little about Debra...



Debra J. Mosely wears a number of hats as a legal secretary by day, cake & cookie decorator, instructor and publisher of decorating books.  She's out to teach the world how to dream in sugar with easy to make edible treats that cause people to say "WOW" or "it's too pretty to eat." 

She has been baking since she was 9 years old.  Her paternal grandmother, Martha Clark Mosely, taught her how to make delicious cakes, cooked frostings, biscuits, and blackberry cobbler.  Her maternal grandmother, Ethel Irby Witherspoon, made delicious homemade tea cakes that she has yet been able to recreate.  It's amazing just how much of a difference fresh hand churned butter and freshly laid brown eggs make in baking.

Other aunts specialized in baking as well.  Her Aunt Maggie makes the most incredible sweet potato pies.  Aunt Clara makes incredible pound cakes and freshly churned ice cream.  Her great Auntie Stella used to make the most incredible egg pies which she ate until she got sick but never regretted it.

Debra started decorating cakes at age 13 because she wanted them to look as good as they tasted.  It's only been 3 years that she added sugar cookies to this mix and has been fallen in love with creating those edible masterpieces so much that she thought they should have as prominent a place on the dessert table as the cakes and cupcakes.

And, as if to add more to the mix, Debra bakes other things as well -- homemade pies, yeast rolls, cinnamon buns, assorted cookies and tarts.  She also makes delicious treats like sugared pecans, caramel and chocolate covered pretzels and other desserts.  Her dessert tables at parties are legendary and everything disappears. 

Her first book, The Cake & Cookie Closet: All Dolled Up in Sugar, was a dream come true for this happy baker.  She has taken two classes over the years.  One with Roland and Marsha Winbeckler and the other with Colette Peters.  Everything else she has learned by trial and error, and through numerous books and videos.  She credits a lot of the great masters in cake decorating with her ability to "dream in sugar."

Debra is on a mission to share her knowledge of quick tips to make fabulous looking treats with home bakers and beginning-to-intermediate level cake decorators all over the world.  These tips will get you out of the kitchen quickly, and on to enjoying your parties and other celebrations.  You deserve to enjoy your celebrations with all of the applause that comes along with making your desserts look as good as they taste.  

Debra currently lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area and can be reached by e-mail at