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How Can We Help You Learn to Dream in Sugar?

The Cake & Cookie Closet is a line of books that teach home bakers and beginning-to-intermediate cake decorators simple design techniques that will allow them to create designer looking cakes, decorated sugar cookies and other treats. The author, Debra J. Mosely, has been where you are -- as a cake decorator frustrated when trying to find cake and cookie designs in books and online that fit all of the celebrations in her life.

With each book, Debra wants you to have options. Want to create a dessert table based on a theme? Each one of her books can be turned into your own custom dessert table. Debra knows that by giving more options in cake and cookie designs than you're used to, it will give you the flexibility you need to use this books over and over again to celebrate your events and help you to quickly master simple techniques that allow you to create your own edible masterpieces with confidence. That confidence is key!

If you have a question, please feel free to send Debra an email on her Facebook fan page. Debra cares about you and your sugar art journey, and as she learns and grows, so will you. She's out to teach the world how to "dream in sugar."


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Coming Soon!!! New book entitled

3-D Wedding Fashion Cookies

This book will feature 3-D standing wedding dresses, tuxedos, bridal party cookies to use as centerpieces for your pre-wedding and wedding parties. Some cookies will be covered in fondant and others covered in royal icing. This book will be my largest book to date and will feature step-by-step large color pictures. To be notified when this book is released in Kindle version, paperback and hardback versions, please sign up for my mailing list. Here is one of the cookies that will be featured in the book.



NEW PRINT BOOK:  My Favorite Recipes Book

My Favorite Recipes is a blank cookbook to record all of your family recipes. This book is perfect for your favorite cook or baker and provides a blank index in the front of the book so that you can locate all of your recipes, and the back contains two-page spread pages for longer recipes.

Click here to go to Amazon and see inside the Book.

My Favorite Recipes Book


Sugar Dreams Journal:
Blank book to journal your cake decorating journey

As a cake, cupcake or cookie decorator, you learn new techniques that you want to write down and keep in one place. This journal will help you keep all of your decorating information in one place and allow you to keep a journal of your progress.

Click here to go to Amazon and see inside the Book.

Sugar Dreams Journal



The Cake & Cookie Closet: Christmas Cookies - ROCK the Cookie Swap!

Get your copy today for only $4.99. Tell your family and friends.

Christmas Cookies - ROCK the Cookie Swap!

Click here to go to Amazon and see inside of the eBook.

It's that time of year again. You've probably received invitations to cookie swaps in the mail already. What will you take this year? Don't continue to steam about what happened last year. Let me help you. This book contains fondant-covered decorated sugar cookies. There are a lot of them to choose from at this low price. It is my gift to you -- my Christmas wish is to share these decorated sugar designs with as many home bakers and cake decorators as I can, and I hope that you will come into my sugar world and learn some of the easy techniques I share to make your cookie decorating easier. You can bake cookies ahead of time and freeze them and decorate later if you wish.

There are also recipes included for drop cookies so you can expand your recipes and give people options. People have said that these cookies are "too pretty to eat." Tell them to take a picture of the cookie and then eat it!

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus are featured, fashion cookies are featured (for all of your fashionista family and friends), light bulb sisters, snowflakes, reindeer and cookies to give to families as sets. Having a lot of designs mean that you can mix and match the colors to suit your color scheme and holiday events. It also means that the designs can be used year round to expand your cookie arsenal.

Now's the time! Make this year your best sugar cookie decorating year ever at your next cookie swap or holiday event.


Here's a link below to a tutorial so you can create your own Standing Wedding Dress Cookie. This is one of the cookies that will be featured in the Wedding Cookies series of books coming out later this year.

Standing Wedding Dress Cookie

Other books that are available:

The Cake & Cookie Closet: All Dolled Up in Sugar (pictured above) was created specifically for women. That book features edible cakes, cupcakes, sugar cookies and chocolates that will be a hit at any event.

Amazon link:


The Cake & Cookie Closet: Mini Christmas Treats

The Cake & Cookie Closet: Mini Christmas Treats was created so you could give edible works of art to your family and friends during the holidays.  Change the colors of your desserts and you can use this book all year long.

 In 2012, we released The Cake & Cookie Closet: Mini Christmas Treats right before Christmas.  This book introduced our new interior format which was a hit with our customers.  The cakes, cupcakes, cookies, mini pies and other desserts featured in this book made a lot of people very popular which always makes us happy!  We received more feedback about the new layout format, designs featured and incredible dessert recipes than we did with the first book.  This made me realize that, in spite of Pinterest and other websites where you can find free designs, there is still a great demand for good cake decorating books.  Thank you for your continued support.  We want to help you show off in front of your family and friends.  You can still purchase your copy of this book from by clicking on this link.  Purchase The Cake & Cookie Closet: Mini Christmas Treats.

Information on upcoming eBooks and print books to be released in 2016!

 Cupcake Purses (cover not pictured) will feature decorated cupcakes that are quickly formed into little purses for you to share with your favorite fashionista! There will be designs in both buttercream and fondant, simple and elaborate so you can decorate a little or a lot of them. Cupcake purses would be great for little girls who love to play dress up or decorate because they are little and can be decorated quickly.

Cupcake Purse

Cupcake Hats (cover not pictured) will feature decorated cupcakes formed into simple and fancy hats. You can serve them separately or make a simple or fancy hat box to go with them (see example below). For the women who LOVE hats, these treats make the perfect gift.

Cupcake Hat with Hat Box

The Cake & Cookie Closet: Wedding Cookies (cover not pictured) will feature decorated sugar cookies in both royal icing and fondant. Cookies will start with the engagement and work their way through the wedding. It includes numerous wedding cake cookie designs, diamond ring cookies, wedding fashions for men and women, theme related wedding cookies and information on how to package your cookies several different ways to make your celebrations memorable. Here are a couple of the cookie designs.


The Cake & Cookie Closet: Baby Shower Treats (cover not pictured) will feature miniature cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, chocolates, decorated sugar cookies, and other treats to help make your baby shower event one your guests will talk about for a long time. Babies today are amazing and wonderful gifts from God.  Their arrivals should be marked by extraordinary celebrations.  Desserts featured in this book can easily be turned into beautiful dessert tables for a baby boy or girl.  

 The Cake & Cookie Closet: Couture Desserts for Women (cover not pictured) will be an updated version of our first book, The Cake & Cookie Closet:  All Dolled Up in Sugar.  It will feature more cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cake balls, decorated sugar cookies and other desserts specifically designed for women.  There will be small, medium and large-sized cakes (doll cakes, purse cakes, shoe cakes, boots, bling cakes and other designs), various sized cupcake designs, new hat, dress, and shoe cookie designs -- all designed to help you grow as a cake artist and impress your family and friends.

The Cake & Cookie Closet: Mini Wedding Treats will feature easy-to-make miniature wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake balls, designer Rice Krispie treats, brownies, truffles, pie pops, decorated sugar cookies, and recipes so you can create delicious treats in your home and feature at your wedding-related events.

We know that as soon as someone you know gets engaged, parties begin! We will help you make sure your party stands out from the crowd with uniquely designed desserts.  This book will give you the tools needed as well as detailed instructions and lots of step-by-step photos to help you learn techniques.  Your desserts will never be the same again.

And, you can use this book to design your own dessert tables for a fraction of the cost caterers charge.

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